Choosing a Probate/Trust Specialist to Handle the Sale of the Real Property Involved in Probate and Trust Administration

Choosing a Probate/Trust Specialist to Handle the Sale of the Real Property Involved in Probate and Trust Administration

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  • 06/21/23

One of the worst experiences anyone will ever go through is losing a loved one. Whether it is a parent, a spouse, or another family member, the death of a loved one can be an incredibly painful, distressing experience. But if you were to pass away without a will, the aftermath can be even worse for your loved ones, resulting in familial conflicts, which can turn into expensive lawsuits. Don't leave anything to chance. Whether it's you or a loved one, you will want to work with probate real estate experts who can help you navigate your assets after passing on.

So, what is probate real estate, and how do you find an agent specializing in this field? Here's everything you need to know about navigating probate and trust real estate and how to hire a probate expert.

What is a probate/trust sale?

Real estate is a multifaceted practice. If you are involved in a traditional transaction, it's a pretty straightforward process with two parties: buyers and sellers. Depending on the type of financing and other factors, a traditional real estate transaction can take anywhere from ten to 60 days. Other types of real estate transactions are more complex, such as foreclosures or short sales. Yet, despite their significance, two specific types of sales that often fly under the radar are probate and trust real estate transactions. So, what exactly are probate and trust sales, and how do you identify them? Let's first take a look at what probate and trusts are.


A trust is a legal document written during the grantor's life or at their death for the benefit of a loved one. Typically, the beneficiary gets interest and dividends on the trust for several years. A trust is typically drafted with the assistance of a licensed attorney so that assets can be divided among trustees at the time of the grantor’s death. A trust can include real estate.


Conversely, probate is the judicial process that proves the will is genuine. In the event that a loved one passes away, assets are typically divided between loved ones, and a trust is meant to take the guesswork out of asset division through a legally binding contract. And while the process of setting up a trust can seem overwhelming at first glance, working with a probate or trust specialist can simplify things and ease confusion.

Why do you need a probate/trust specialist?

Dealing with losing a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges we will ever face. Not only are you actively grieving for your loss, but as a trustee, you must go through many practical steps in the aftermath. One of those is dealing with your loved one's assets. Will there be an equitable division of the assets? Did your loved one draft a legally binding will before their death? If your loved one did not leave a will, navigating this can be even more difficult, especially when real estate is involved. In many cases, it can also involve legal cases, which can be very expensive, time-consuming, and even negatively impact familial bonds. That's why you need a probate/trust specialist.

Our team at The Crem Group comprises licensed attorneys and real estate experts dedicated to probate, trust, and conservatorship real estate transactions. Our brokerage was established to help clients navigate complex, court-supervised real estate sales. Our mission is to serve families, fiduciaries, and trustees effectively during these specialized real estate transactions while minimizing liability.

How to find a probate/trust specialist

What you do next will heavily depend on where you live. Each jurisdiction has different rules and protocols regarding probate/trust sales. Speaking with a licensed real estate attorney is highly recommended, no matter where you live. If you live in California, our team will work with you to ensure this process runs smoothly. If you are a trustee or a fiduciary for a recently deceased loved one, we can help. Schedule an appointment with our team, and we will be more than happy to be a guide throughout your real estate transaction.

What we offer

Not every real estate transaction is straightforward. That's why you need real estate experts to ensure your particular needs are met. As California's leading experts in probate, trust, and conservatorship real estate, we at The Crem Group can help you through the challenges of these transactions. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • In-house eviction counseling
  • Equity Enhancement Program
  • Staging and design
  • Marketing 
  • Property inventory and hauling
  • And more!
With a portfolio of over 200 properties and many years of industry experience by our side, we can help you navigate estate sales with ease. We also work with a network of top-rated professionals, including home inspectors, stagers, professional cleaners, and marketing professionals. Our team can manage every aspect of the probate or trust property from list to sale, including weekly inspections, utilities, bill management, and upkeep. Our goal is to ensure a safe, worry-free real estate transaction. If you need probate or trust assistance with your real estate transaction, give us a call today.

The bottom line

Probate real estate can be difficult to process, especially when you have so many other things to worry about. Losing a loved one is a stressful and emotional experience, and when probate real estate is involved, it can often feel overwhelming.

If you have recently lost a loved one or need the expertise of a probate California real estate professional, give The CREM Group a call today. As a licensed attorney and real estate broker, Mark Cianciulli has developed a one-of-a-kind real estate brokerage dedicated to probate and trust real estate transactions. When you need the best probate professionals in Orange County and Los Angeles, choose Mark and The CREM Group. We’re here to help!

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