4 reasons to buy real estate now!

4 reasons to buy real estate now!

  • The CREM Group
  • 05/18/20
In the “old days,” there were only three things to know about real estate: location, location, and location. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve changed somewhat. Now it’s technology, technology, technology. But we cannot forget value.
We at the CREM Group are continuing to list and sell homes in Los Angeles and Orange Counties by leveraging technology to keep our clients safe. We are asked if we are still listing probate properties. Absolutely! And, to be honest, these represent some excellent opportunities to save money on your home purchase, which is not a bad idea in these COVID-19 times.

Technology for Meetings
Here’s what we found. We use platforms like Zoom and Google Hangout for meetings with our clients. Both buyers and sellers can discuss their homes with us, whether it is probate real estate in Los Angeles or a trust property in Orange County. No matter how far the distance, we are prepared to speak with our clients at a moments notice.

Technology for Viewings

Call it the Virtual Reality of real estate. Getting professional, digital virtual tours of our listings is very helpful, so buyers can “walk” the property without having to traverse it physically—at least in the beginning. Of course, people want to get their feet on the ground, and kick the tires, so to speak. But we save everyone a lot of time and create that ever-important social distancing by offering 360° views for the inside and outside of the properties. Virtual tours are used for both probate real estate and regular real estate, and sometimes even for undeveloped acreage. Hear the birds? See the cows? Yup! It’s a plus. And there’s no driving involved for the first or second tour.

Technology for Transacting

Electronic signature software, like DocuSign, was important prior to COVID-19. But now it’s absolutely necessary. We vet all buyers virtually prior to even scheduling a showing. And when it comes to filling out forms, contracts, applications, we’re removing the inconvenience of wet signatures in all facets. It’s faster, and our clients are glad for the reduced hassle factors.

What does it all add up to? More transparency in the transactions for buyers and sellers. We know people are under all kinds of pressure these days. Health, of course, but getting the best value comes in as a close second. If we can help create value by saving money either for probate real estate deals or standard transactions, we are all-in with it. Pricing is critical. We’ve been doing business in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for enough time to know how to make a realistic comparable. 3

We tell our clients that they must look for value, and that doesn’t mean price all the time. Yes, everyone is very cautious these days, so if we see that a house is listed above market, the house or property will not move. On the other hand, we do an in-depth analysis of the properties we represent. We use analytical tools, but we get our hands dirty, too. We physically visit our listings, research the area, and ask lots of questions. If we don’t help our clients on the buying or the selling side with our probate real estate expertise in selling properties, we’ve done our clients a huge disservice. So, we don’t cut corners. We do it right.

The Bottom Line

Location, location, location is still valid, but technology, technology, technology cuts costs, and reduces physical interaction. We at The CREM Group like to take everything into consideration. The probate real estate in Los Angeles and Orange County has changed along with all real estate.

We’ve said it before: Probate real estate is different from non-probate, standard properties. Get a professional realtor to represent you, but be sure to obtain an experienced probate real estate agent / probate Realtor for potential probate sales and trust realtors for trust sales. That’s where the value is added.

As always, contact us here if you have any questions about real estate, probate real estate, or trust real estate properties, especially in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in California.

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